All About Slot Machine Paylines & How Many You Should Play With

It seems like slot developers try to outdo each other every year by releasing new slot machines with huge numbers of paylines. This number constantly rises to new heights. We have left the days of 1-payline slots behind. While such games can still be found, it is much more common to find a slot game that uses hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of paylines! But does more really equal better? Let’s find out. 


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Is There an Ideal Number of Slot Game Lines?

When choosing between slot machine games, check out their paytables. This informative section of the game will tell you how many paylines are available and which orientation they pay out in. The more casino slot machine lines there are, the more chances you will have to win. Keep in mind that you will typically have to place a large wager per spin in order to activate each payline. If you are playing for real money, this could eat through your bankroll much faster than simply placing the minimum bet. So, you have to decide if the added chances of wins are worth the higher bets. 

If getting the most spins in a limited budget is your goal, then play a game with a limited number of paylines. You don’t just have to stick to 1-payline games. Those with 3-10 will also do. On the other hand, if you want the greatest chance of winning, especially if you are playing progressive slots, then go ahead and play a game with a high number of lines.

What Do Lines Mean on Slot Machines Mean?

So, we’ve made it clear that more paylines give you more ways to win. But why is that? If you aren’t sure how lines on slot machines work, we’ll break it down for you. A payline, also known as a winning line or a betting line, is a combination of symbols that will payout when they land on the reels. Traditionally, paylines are horizontal and pay out from left to right. You typically have to get at least three matching symbols in a row in order to get the payout. 

Double diamond ordinary paylines and Book of ra cluster paylines

Playing with one slot line gives gamblers more of a traditional experience, paying homage to old-school, mechanical slot games. On the other hand, multi-payline slot games offer a more customizable and thrilling experience. Combine the larger numbers of ways to win with other extras, such as bonus games, and you have an altogether incredible gambling experience. 

Orientation and Direction

There are several different kinds of casino slot paylines: 

Left to Right. This is the most common type of payline. Symbols need to start matching from the leftmost reel and then move towards the right. 
Right to Left. This orientation isn’t very common. It’s essentially the opposite of the left-to-right configuration. 
Pay Both Ways. While not as popular as left-to-right paylines, this kind is more prevalent than right-to-left configurations. Simply put, Pay Both Ways games have paylines that move from left to right and vice versa. 
All Ways. With this type of slot game, you’ll get paid out if you have a matching symbol on each reel. It doesn’t matter where the symbol falls on the reel. These types of games offer an enormous number of ways to win. 
Cluster Pays. Matching symbols need to form a cluster in order to payout. Typically, the symbols will need to touch horizontal and vertically, with at least four symbols as part of the cluster. 
MegaWays. MegaWays slot games offer hundreds of thousands of ways to win! The reels of this kind of game are dynamic, meaning that the number of slots on each reel varies from spin to spin. Such games have a maximum of 117,649 ways to win. 

Check out the math below: 

7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649

Where Can I Play Casino Slots With Paylines?

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