Our Top Do’s and Don’ts for Playing Online Slots

For as long as gambling has been around, players have attempted to outwit the system. After all, who wouldn’t want a shot at winning the jackpot? 

As the technology was developing,  online casinos appeared and launched active discussions in the gambling community. From blackjack and poker to baccarat and roulette, casino games have prompted gamblers around the world to share their tips and strategies on how to win. Many people believe that, even though slots may be one of the simplest forms of gambling, they do not rely solely on luck.


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No strategy guarantees victory at all times. With the variety of strategies and tips available, it may be a challenge to understand which of them are a myth, and which have a kernel of truth. Besides, testing every known strategy could result in significant financial losses. 

We at CasinoChan have made efforts to collect the best legit tips that will help you win at online slots, as well as advice on what to refrain from doing. Read on to find out how to improve your slot machine experience!

Effective Strategies to Play Online Slots for Real Money

The main goal of any slot gambling strategy is to keep your bankroll safe while also optimizing your chances of earning a lot. Whether you are only starting to explore the gambling world or already have gambling experience, the following guidelines will help you make wise decisions on your way to big winnings.

1. Set Your Bankroll

The first thing to do is to understand the size of the bankroll you need. A bankroll is the amount of money you will be using throughout the game.

Typically, the sum you should have to play online slots with depends on your preferred bet size. If you prefer minimal risk, your bankroll should be smaller. However, with medium and large wagers, you will need to prepare a more substantial sum. 

Let’s imagine that you are an average gambler and do not rise above $5 per spin. If you are a regular player, we recommend having funds to make at least 200 bets in your bankroll. A reasonable budget must withstand the impact of a possible series of losses. Therefore, it should contain sufficient funds to spare.

So, if your goal is to go for the grand jackpot, make sure that you have sufficient funds for a long game. It is essential, as with a fund worth 1,000 bets, that you can afford to lose 100 or even 200 times in a row without having to stop the game. A secure bankroll will allow you to get the lost money back in a long series of spins and win more.

A sufficient bankroll sum is essential for a successful game. However, the most crucial rule of the bankroll is to play for money that you can afford to lose. In other words, gambling away your salary which you could have spent on food, rent, and other necessities would be irresponsible and dangerous. Ensure that you have a reserve of money you use for casino games and that you can dedicate to it without accumulating debt or any other financial problems.

2. RTP

Now that you have set the amount of money required for the game, you need to decide which slots you are interested to play. Check out CasinoChan’s variety of top-quality slots to boost your gambling games experience. These are not only beautiful and exciting slots but also beneficial for the players.

Here are several factors that you should consider when choosing an online slot machine:

Return to player (RTP). You should look for a minimum RTP figure of 96%. 
Type of variances. Low variance slots allow players to lose less money in the long run and to win small amounts of money frequently. High variance slots typically give out bigger winnings, albeit rarely.
Good user reviews and reputation. It does not take much time to check the opinions of players who tried a specific online slot. Checking the reviews is often extremely helpful.

3. Stop-Loss

Stop-loss is a term borrowed from economics. In gambling, it refers to the level of losses at which you must stop playing. It is your responsibility to set a stop loss sum before you start gambling for real money. A good practice is to risk no more than 10% of your daily gambling bankroll in one game session. 

As soon as you reach your stop-loss sum, quit the game as soon as you can. This can help you save a lot of money. You can also set yourself a bar for losing per day and not per session. The rules are the same. Spent $100 out of $1,000? That’s all for today.



4. Stop-Win

Stop-win is the opposite of stop-loss, as you have to set the limit for winnings. However, you can implement these two tactics simultaneously.

As a general rule, everything above 20-30% of the round’s bankroll is already a decent win. Thus, if you have increased your active amount by 20-30%, you can log off. Yes, this may seem insignificant, but think about such wins in the long term. Little by little, this can translate into a significant income.

However, the stop-win sum is highly subjective. Some prefer more risk than others, and many gamblers like to play until they achieve 50% or 100% profit. Nevertheless, remember that the greater the desired sum, the more difficult it is to achieve, and the higher the chance of “draining” the entire account. To avoid it, practice quitting the game while you are having profit.

5. Stay Calm During a Losing Streak

As long as you have not gone over your budgeted amount for gambling, don’t let a losing streak stop you from having fun. Because slot machines use RNG, each spin is independent of each other and totally fair.

Random number generator in slot machine

A slot machine can’t become hot or cold. Even if you have been making unfruitful spins, this doesn’t mean that you won’t ever win on this game. Of course, if you aren’t enjoying the gameplay, feel free to switch. Just don’t convince yourself that the game is broken. It’s possible that wins wait just around the corner!

Conversely, if you lose your bankroll because of an unlucky day, it’s important not to chase your losses. When you have wagered your budgeted amount, stop until your next gambling session. 

6. Practice with Free Slots

When deciding on which tips for playing slots online to implement, it is good to try using them in free casino games. This way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the features and bonuses available in the slot and understand the game’s navigation

7. Don’t Forget About Special Offers

Online casinos sometimes have generous bonus offers for their users. At Casino Chan, we offer the players of video slots free spins, welcome, and deposit bonuses, and more. Such features give you an advantage when gambling and make the journey to the jackpot even more exciting!

For the Win

Now you know the most effective online slot tips to win without high risks. Don’t wait any longer to try them all out at CasinoChan! Enjoy the variety of online slot machines from top providers wherever you go and win big. Best of luck!

Confused about some of the terminology used in this guide? Check out our slot glossary to brush

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