My Top 10 Tupperware Products for People with Disabilities


It was the first week of January when  a friend of mine Facebook messaged me asking me if I wanted to hold an online Tupperware party.  I figured, why not… I went to Tupperware’s website, poked around while I was chatting with her, then asked if I could hold a “real” Tupperware party.

You see, I’d never actually been to one. My mother held them every few months when I was a kid – so she could earn all the hostess gifts. She’d invite all her friends from church over, and send my sister and I to bed early and we’d try to eavesdrop from the top of the stairs to see why everyone was laughing and what it was we were missing. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny about looking at pieces of plastic.

We set a date  and I made a Facebook event. I invited my friends and my sister immediately replied something to the effect of: “I already claimed moms Tupperware when she dies, so you’re going to have to buy your own!”  I wasn’t THAT desperate for Tupperware, I just thought I’d throw a party for fun!

I just pictured Tupperware as modular mates  and food storage containers so I only had intentions of buying sippy cups for my daughter since I know I have a hard time dealing with getting lids on containers due to neuromuscular disease & hand muscle weakness.

But as I watched the consultants set up for the party, I was surprised to see that Tupperware was more then just plastic bowls! As soon as they started demoing some of them, I went from planning to buy “just sippy cups” to realizing how many of the products would dramatically improve my ability to prepare food despite my disability. And by the end of my party, I decided to become a Tupperware consultant was because I realized how much some of these products could improve the lives of others with disabilities!

My Top 10 List Tupperware Products for People With Disabilities

NOTE: I’m not a medical professional, just a person living with neuromuscular disease and a spinal cord injury (incomplete, C2) who has tried these first-hand to see what Tupperware products work for me and which don’t. So, whether you have a disability yourself, or are trying to find a gift for someone who is, these are the products I’d most recommend!


Food Prep Tools


1. The Smooth Chopper 

Price: On Sale for $35 this month – ($59 Regularly)

What it does: It can easily chop, blend, whisk and emulsify food  – just by pulling a string! You can chop fruit, veggies, or other foods with the blades attachment, or use the whisk attachment to make smoothies, puree food, make baby food,  creamy beverages or dressings, savory sauces and more!

It’s also compact – great for on the go since it doesn’t require electric! It also comes with a virtually airtight, liquid-tight seal for convenient fridge storage – so you can store your food in the container you prepared it in!

Here’s a video of how it works:

How it helps me: I have a hard time with both gripping a knife while pushing down to cut veggies, so chopping food is tricky. I do have the ability to pull the string to let it chop! It’s also easier for me to use then a blender from  a wheelchair! It’s less awkward since I can use it on my lap, rather then trying to reach across a counter to a plugged in appliance. It’s smaller and easier to handle!
People I think the Smooth Chopper is ideal for: Anyone, really! But it would especially make food prep easy for:

  • A wheelchair user – rather then using electric appliances which may be awkward to reach/use at a kitchen counter
  • Someone with difficulty with fine motor skills  such as individuals with  spinal cord injury (depending on their level), people with neurological or neuromuscular diseases, etc – if they have the ability to get the handle between their fingers & some strength to pull the string.
  • It may also be useful for an elderly person or someone with arthritis (depending on how it affects their hands)
  • It’s awesome if you have a baby with a strict diet or food allergies! You can make baby food from scratch AND on the go
  • Someone who needs pureed food – this works on the go!

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2.  Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef  
Price: On Sale for $29 this month – ($45 Regularly)

What it does: Essentially it’s a smaller version of the Smooth Chopper – without the whisk attachment. The Smooth Chopper has 3 cup/700 mL capacity, the Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef has 1¼-cup/300 mL capacity – It’s much smaller and more portable!

How it helps me: If I’m making something where multiple things need to be cut up, I often use this along with the Smooth Chopper! or if I only need a small amount of something – say parsley – it’s easier to use the smaller container then the Smooth Chopper!

People I think the Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef is ideal for:

  • Same list as the Smooth Chopper (see above), except for the people using it for baby food or puree since this one is smaller without the whisk.

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3. Quick Chef Pro

Price: $69

What it does: The Quick Chef Pro is a  non-electric food processor! It has blades that can can chop food, it has a paddle whisk for mixing and whisking ; a funnel with measurements for making dressings; a small basket to dry fresh herbs or to use as a salad spinner for small salads; an ergonomic cover with   handle; and an airtight and liquid-tight seal for storing.

See it in use here:

How it helps me: I love this because it’s more portable then a large electric food processor! Being in a wheelchair, I have a hard time reaching the counters, let alone inside of a tall kitchen appliance! This has no cord, so I often just put it on the dining room table since it’s lower then my kitchen counters so I can prepare food!

People I think the Quick Chef Pro is ideal for:

  • Wheelchair Users – as long as you have good arm strength to turn the handle! NOTE –  Some people with disabilities affecting their arm strength, or that experience shortness of breath from exertion may find it a bit more difficult to use then the Smooth Chopper.
  • Of course any able-bodied person would love it too!

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4. Can Opener

Price: $35

What it does: It opens a can by cutting along the outside of the can, leaving a smooth edge – rather then cutting around the inside of the lid leaving a sharp edge!

Here’s a video of it in use:

How it helps me: I ordered this product the week I was put on Coumadin (blood thinners) to avoid cutting myself on can lids! 8 months later, I’ve yet to see a sharp spot on any can I’ve opened! Plus, it’s easy to turn and doesn’t require a lot of strength unlike some can openers I’ve tried!

People I think the Can Opener is ideal for:

  • Anyone on Blood Thinners! – no need to worry about the never-ending bleeding cuts using this can opener! It would be the perfect  stocking stuffer for the parent or grandparent on Coumadin who already has everything!

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Food Storage Containers

5. Counterscaping Liquid Container Set

Price: $39

What it does: Instead of a pile of oils & seasonings on your counter, put them in these containers for an organized countertop!

The caps are liquid-tight and best of all, they are easy to open! If you have difficulty screwing/unscrewing lids on your oils, marinades, vinegar and other liquid cooking essentials, all you have to do is press down on the lever and it opens, but locks shut when you’re done! They look fab too!

Set includes one each of:

  • ¾-cup/200 mL Small
  • 2½-cup/600 mL Medium
  • 4¼-cup/1 L Large

See the product video:

How it helps me: I have a couple sets of the Counterscaping Liquid Containers as well as 2 sets of the Counterscaping Dry Seasoning Container Set. That way, as a wheelchair user, I have everything I frequently use in reach when I’m cooking so I don’t have to try and get items from high shelves (glass olive oil jars aren’t ideal object to reach with a grabber)! And at the same time, it keeps my countertops from looking like a pile of clutter!

People I think the Counterscaping Liquid Container Set is ideal for:

  • People with fine motor problems who have trouble getting screw lids on and off.
  • People in wheelchairs – so everything is in reach on the counter!
  • …And of course, anyone with OCD :)

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6. Fridge Stackables Set

Price: $19

What it does: This is a 3-layer container that you can use to store cheese, sandwich meats, tomato slices, hot dogs & more!!!

How it helps me: I have a hard time with trying to get lids for a lot of containers on. These “snap” together so they are easy to put together and take off… I find myself using them to store things in my fridge other then just meats & cheese!

Additionally, I have a hard time with ziplock bags (unless they have that slider to lock them), so when I get foods from the deli, I’ve had them go bad quickly because I couldn’t re-seal the container. This makes it easy! This $19 purchase has helped me not waste a lot of food! :)

People I think the Fridge Stackables are ideal for:

  • Anyone who has trouble re-sealing ziplock bags from the deli!
  • Anyone looking to store food in a small container that has difficulty with regular lids!

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7. Vent ‘n Serve


What it does: These containers can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave! Their unique venting system allows steam to escape while reheating food in the microwave!

How it helps me: Vent ‘n Serve lids are super easy to get on/off unlike many of Tupperware’s food storage products. I also love them because the lids are the same size for their sets and instead the various sizes are deeper – so I’m not sitting there trying to find the “right” lid every time! And, it reheats my Chinese take-out perfectly every time! yeah!!!

People I think the Vent ‘n Serve containers are ideal for:

  • Anyone who has trouble using the lids on other Tupperware containers. These will be easier for you! :)
  • Anyone who relies on the microwave for meal prep!

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Microwave Cooking

The last 3 items are from Tupperware’s line of Microwave Cooking. I spent most of my 20s living in elderly housing (yes, seriously – since that’s where the wheelchair accessible apartments were!) and I can’t tell you how many times a month the fire department responded to fire alarms for elderly or disabled people forgetting food on the stove. We actually had 2 fires in my building as a result.

I also had uncontrolled seizures for 5 years following a traumatic brain injury from a car accident as a teenager, and during that time, I wasn’t allowed to use my own stove or oven unsupervised. My food options were very limited. I wished I knew about some of these products years sooner!


8. Microwave Pasta Maker

Price: $29

What it does: You can prepare perfect pasta in minutes in the microwave with this product! It has a built-in strainer so you can cook, strain & serve out of the same container! It will save you from all the extra dishes as well! :)

Watch how it works here:

9. Smart Steamer

Price: $139

What it does:  Makes the perfect meal, in the microwave! Yes, seriously! I’ve cooked chicken, salmon, veggies & more in mine – meals in 10 minutes!


Breakthrough Technology:
The remarkable Tupperware® SmartSteamer blocks microwaves from cooking foods by directing them to the Water Tray (4), causing the water to boil and the steam to rise for perfectly steamed foods.

The two-tiered system allows for cooking one or two foods at once. Place one food in the Base (3) and the other in the Colander (2) then stack, cover (1) and steam.

Beautiful Design
Elegant design and color make the Tupperware® SmartSteamer suitable for serving directly on the table. Simply discard any remaining water from the Water Tray (4), place the Steamer Base (3) back on the Water Tray (4) and place the Colander (2) on the reversed Cover (1). Always place them on a trivet to protect table surface.
Instead of the microwave heat cooking the food (and often drying it out), the Smart Steamer is designed for the microwave to boil the water located in the bottom layer. The water then steams the food!
See it in action:

Visit for more details!

NOTE: There are also add-on’s to this product – the 9-Pc. Accessory Set for Tupperware® SmartSteamer  ($35) and the Smart Meals Recipe Book ($15)! It’s an expensive investment, but is ideal if you want to host a Tupperware Party – get  it as a 1/2 price item, or use your hostess credits towards it!

People I think the Microwave Pasta Maker & Smart Steamer are ideal for:

  • Anyone with Memory problems including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Brain Injury- If they are allowed to do microwave cooking!
  • Also great for people with Seizure Disorders, Narcolepsy, or on medications which may cause drowsiness preventing them from the safe use of a stove!
  • It’s also a must have for any mom! Easy meal without having to wonder what your kids are up to while you’re busy cooking! :)
  • Also great for college students cooking in a dorm!

If you love these, also check out Tupperware Microwave Rice Maker & Breakfast Maker!

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10: Soup Mug


What it does: Soup mugs are awesome for soups, oatmeal & other hot cereals, ramen noodles & sauces! The CrystalWave® mug has a vent that flips up while cooking and the Vent ‘N Serve® has it’s own vented silicone valve.

How it helps me: In a wheelchair, it’s ALL about the handle!!! I use my Vent ‘N Serve soup mug (that I got FREE for hosting my first party!!!) all the time. Instead of trying to roll around with a hot bowl in my hand, or worrying about spills, while I roll around with hot liquid, I leave the cover on, carry it by the handle and roll to the table easily! I don’t know how I lived without it!

People I think the Soup mugs are ideal for:

  • Wheelchair users – easiest way to transport hot liquids!!!
  • College students in a dorm!
  • Anyone else, literally!!!

And, since soup mugs really ARE ideal for anyone, I’m giving a CrystalWave® Soup Mug away!!! :)

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