Pink & Orange Baby Shower + FREE Printables

The last few days have been busy, planning a surprise baby shower for one of my neighbors!  We have a theatre & club room in our apartment complex, so we reserved it to do the baby shower in there. Though of course theatre’s don’t have the best lighting so sorry about the poor lighting in my photos.

I’m not a big fan of pink pink pink everything for girls, so I thought pink & orange would be fun for a summer baby shower!

We only had a small budget (under $100), so here’s what we did that looked fun & kept the costs of a shower down:

On Thursday, we made marshmallow pops, (See my full tutorial for them here!) They doubled as party favors and table decor! It cost us about $12 to make 25 marshmallow pops!



I made 5 tissue pompoms using 5 packs of tissue paper. It took me about 30 minutes to make 5 pom poms. I highly recommend using premium tissue paper though!  If you buy the “cheap” kind, they get really limp.  Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial if you’re looking for one:


For additional decor, I did printables in photoshop! It took me under an hour to design chalkboard-inspired straw flags, water bottle labels, and candy wrappers! The Mom-to-Be is from Colombia, so since her first language is Spanish, I did printables in Spanish & English!

And since I’m in a sharing mood, I’m uploading the English printables to share with my readers for FREE. (See Terms of Use at the bottom of my blog).

To Make the Water Bottles:

  • For $3.00 I got a case of 24 bottles of water at CVS.
  • Then I made an 11×17 sheet of 8 water bottle labels (2″x9″) and had staples print 3 of them ($2.94 total).
  • I removed the original labels on the bottles of water.
  • Then used a paper cutter to cut them (scissors would work too!) and a roll of scotch tape to attach them to the bottles.
  • Total Cost = $5.94 – Cheap & Easy!
  • CLICK HERE to download the English Water Bottle Labels!

To Make the Candy Wrappers:

  • CVS had bags of Hershey’s Miniatures on sale, 2/$5.00
  • Then I made a sheet of 15 printable custom candy wrappers and had Staples print me 4 sheets of them on Elite Gloss 8.5×11 Paper (.99/page)
  • Then used a paper cutter to cut them (scissors would work too!) and used scotch tape to attach them over the existing labels!
  • Total Cost = $9.96
  • CLICK HERE to download the Candy Wrapper Labels

To Make the Straw Flags:

To add a bit of pink to the table, I (re)used a candy jar I had from another party and filled it with pink gumballs! Another neighbor went and got us some pink & orange balloons, and another neighbor made the cake! I also made a bunting flag banner for decor that can be reused for her girls room later! :)

And instead of doing a traditional diaper cake, I made “diaper cupcakes” using a Newborn diaper, baby socks in the center, and rolling onesies or leggings around them (washcloths would work too!) and placed them inside coffee filters as “cupcake wrappers” :)

Maria was very surprised! And we all had a good time!

















Straw FlagsWater Bottle LabelsCandy Wrappers
Buy your paper stripey straws here!

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