15 Minute Peeps Marshmallow Ghost Pops

If you’re looking for alternatives to packaged candy for Halloween “Trick or Treat” favors, these Peeps Marshmallow pops are quick, cheap and easy to make!


Supplies you need:

  • PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies – sold in the Halloween Candy section at most grocery stores, department stores or drug stores – Typically 2/$3 for a package of 9 ghosts
  • Retro Paper Stripey Straws – we have them available in 13 colors in our Etsy shop $3 for 12 – which would make 24 pops.
  • 3″ x 4″ Plastic treat bags  (I got them for about $3 for 100 at Michaels)
  • Ribbon or Raffia to tie them
  • Scissors (to cut the straws & ribbon)
  • Knife with a sharp tip

Start by cutting the straws in half. Your Pop Sticks will be approximately 4″ long.

With your knife, poke a hole in the bottom of each to make a hole, then insert the stick.


Next, put a food-safe baggie over top of each ghost.

Then cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around the bottom of the bag to secure it.

And you’re done!
Wasn’t that easy? It took me 15 minutes to make 18 of them! :)


DIY Halloween Ideas: 40 Minute Candy Corn Decor

Looking for quick, cheap, and easy DIY Halloween Decor ideas?

Here’s an easy project that even a non-crafty person (should) be able to do!

Supplies You Need:

  • A Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Yarn in Orange, Yellow, and White
  • Scissors
  • Either Paper Mache or Styrofoam cones

Cost for the Project:
For mine, I chose to use Paper Mache – because it was cheaper at Michaels! The cones were $1.99 – $2.49 and since I had a 20% off your purchase coupon, it cost me around $5.50 for all 3 Paper Mache Cones. The styrofoam cones are easier to find and have a better size variety though.

The yarn I used is on sale this week at Michaels for 2/$5. I used:

  • Loops & Threads Impeccable in Aran for the white
  • Loops & Threads Impeccable in Bronze for the orange
  • Vanna’s Choice (Lion Brand) in Mustard for the yellow

I already had a gluegun, so my total project cost was about $13 – if you have yarn on hand, it will be much cheaper! :)

How to Make It:

First, I used my hot glue gun to glue the yarn to the bottom edge of my paper mache cone. Since I wanted it to stay well along the bottom edge (and not slip off later), I applied glue all the way around the edge and started the first row of yellow yarn.

Next, I started wrapping the yellow yarn around the cone in rows. About every 2-3 rows, I’d put a dab of glue here and there, just to hold it in place. And rather then wrapping the yarn around the cone. I used one hand to hold the yard and used the other hand to turn the cone so that way I could see where the yarn was falling.

Once I was roughly 1/3 the way up the cone with the yellow, I started winding it more randomly in layers over the rows I had just formed. Once it looked well filled in, I glued the yellow in place one final time, and started the orange section.

I did the same with the orange yarn – first forming rows with it, then going back over it randomly. Then did the same with the white. As I got close to the tip with the white, I added extra glue and made sure it was well secured… then ended the white yarn back down at the edge where it bordered the orange yarn!

I did this 2 more times for the different sized cones! It took me less then 40 minutes total  to make all 3 (including stopping to take photos!)

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GIVEAWAY: vinyl wall art

We have another great giveaway for you today from Vinyl Wall Art!

I’ve shared several times here recently about using vinyl decals with DIY projects including bookshelves & prant boxes.  I totally ♥ decals!  They are SO easy to use and far less time consuming then having to paint wall murals or detail work on smaller DIY projects! You can have a great piece of art in just minutes!

Remember our IKEA PRÄNT box hack? I used these awesome birch tree decals that Vinyl Wall Art was nice enough to custom-resize & inverse for me:

I love their decals – I first found them when I was pregnant and drooling over thousands of decal listings on Etsy. I wanted a tree for Sophie. I looked at dozens, but kept going back to Vinyl Wall Art’s tree… And of course when I went to order their tree, I saw the birds! So I ordered the tree & the birds for Sophie’s wall.

My husband painted her nursery on Mothers Day 2010 for me, and then after 2 weeks (recommended time for paint to dry before applying decals) he put them up for me:

Sophie loves her room, and one of her first words was “owl” (pronounced “all) – she’d stand in the crib looking up at her owl in the morning. She likes her birds along her crib rail too. :)

I loved Vinyl Wall Art’s Forest Decal Kit but didn’t have a good wall in her room to use them, so I figured when we buy a house, I’d put them in her new room!

Then one day, my college roommate, who is adopting a baby from Korea,  posted photos of her daughters room which have the tree decals I love, so I asked her if I can post some pictures of Zoey’s room!

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Vinyl Wall Art has a ton of other awesome decals on their website as well as available through etsy. And they were kind enough to offer to sponsor a giveaway for our readers for $25 gift certificates for 2 lucky winners so you can try their projects for your own home or DIY projects!

Wall Vinyl Art will provide a “voucher” that is as good as a PayPal credit – you can use it to pay for the item as well as shipping cost – what ever you want. It will maintain a positive balance until used, so you don’t have to use it all at once if you want to buy a few small decals at a time!

Enter via Rafflecopter.
Giveaway is available worldwide!


DIY: creative ways to hang art

For National Crafts Month DIY projects #9 & #10, I thought I’d show two easy ways to display art! I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of having random pieces of artwork left unframed for prolonged periods of time, right? 

DIY #9: Hanging Art With Clothespins

A few months back, I had gotten these Vintage Alphabet Wall Cards by Children Inspire Design for Sophie on either Zulily or The Mini Social, but of course I had to figure out how I was going to hang them!

I thought of getting 26 frames, but re-thought through that idea after the idea of having to hang 26 frames and therefore poking 26 holes in the wall. so I considered using them around the room at the top of the walls with adhesive poster strips. Except that, I’m in a wheelchair so I’d therefore have to convince someone else to go up on a ladder to hang them…

So when cleaning out my art supplies I found the twine & mini clothespins that I used to hang Sophie’s Birthday Banner, and it occurred to me, I could get more mini-clothespins to hang up these!

I found larger mini-clothespins at Michaels, and decided to paint them pink! So, I spent an hour one night painting clothespins!

PAINTING TIP: I clipped them to a piece of cardboard first, so I could hold the cardboard and paint the entire clothespin at once, rather then having to do one side at a time - I actually used the cardboard envelope the alphabet came in! :)

To hang them was definitely a 2-person job! We measured out exactly where we wanted them, then put 6 nails up.

We tried a row of hanging them on the twine before putting them on the wall but it was trickier since they weighed down the twine. So instead we hung the twine, wrapped it tightly around the nails at each end (see photo), then started in the center hanging the alphabet and working out to keep the weight well distributed!

 In the end, we had an alphabet hung with only 6 holes in the wall instead of 26! And all I needed was less then $6 for clothes pins (of course they came in 24 packs, so we had to buy 2 bags), leftover paint from another project, and leftover twine from her birthday party!

Thanks to my friend, Dawn, for helping me hang these! :)

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DIY #10: Painting Your Own Frame

I received this custom painting as a gift when my daughter was born, only I had no frame or way to hang it. It was on an 11×14 canvas, so it got shifted throughout the room multiple times leaning against the wall or the window. I had looked for a frame multiple times, but all the frames in kid-friendly colors at places like Target or Home Goods were always for 8×10, not 11×14 and I really didn’t want to frame it in white or black or silver – the typical non-custom framing options at places like Michael’s or AC Moore.
Source: etsy.com via Little Free Radical on Pinterest

Finally, I was in Joann Fabrics a week ago, and saw their frames were 50% off… but again, the color choices were black, white, bronze, or silver… So I found this cheap black frame. Regularly $10.99, on sale for $5.49. 

So I thought…. why not PAINT it a color I already have in Sophie’s room? So I pulled out the Hibiscus Pink I’d used on her table and toybox, and gave the frame 2 coats of paint and it was done!

It took me about 10 minutes of painting time, 2 minutes to frame once the paint dried, 1 minute to hang, and I was done!

So for $5.49 + leftover paint + less then 15 minutes of my time, I had my own custom frame!!!

For another idea of displaying art in a child’s room, see  my LÄTT children’s table & chairs makeover – I used the table as an 18×24 frame!

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DIY IKEA hack: Making a shade for GRÖNÖ lamps

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For this week, my DIY Tutorials for National Craft Month are IKEA Hacks!!! Yesterday, I re-featured my LÄTT children’s table & chairs makeover, and I have several other IKEA products I “hacked” that I’ll be featuring this week! Today’s hack is Ikea’s GRÖNÖ lamps! You can find this set of lamps at IKEA for $19.99!

This is a super easy project! If you can operate a sewing machine, you can make this! It’s all straight lines and you can do it in 30 minutes (or less!)

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon/Trim (is optional)

First cut out your pieces.
Small Lamp: 9.5″(height) x 16.5″ (width)
Large Lamp:15″ (height) x 23″ (width)

Next – iron the top and bottom edges under 1/4″ and then fold it under again 1/4″ and iron.

Now sew the top & bottom edges down. If you are planning to use ribbon or trim (optional!), stitch it down at this point as well!

Now your piece should look like this with the top and bottom edges sewn!
Next, you’re going to wrap the material around the lamp with right sides together (in other words, inside out – this photo shows it opposite so ignore that). Pull the material snug to make sure it’s a good fit then mark off where you need to sew for a good fit!
Next, stitch along the line you just made in the above step!
Now trim the excess edge, and iron the seam in one direction. :)
Any wrinkles out at this point you may have acquired during the sewing process.
Now, turn the lampshade right side out and pull it over your lamp (leaving the seam in the back).
You’re all done!!!
FOR A VARIATION: instead of using one material, use two (or more)!
I made the taller lamp with a 2:3 ratio of fabrics, then put bias tape over the seam, so that when the light is on, the seam for the two lamps isn’t as obvious!
Come back tomorrow for another IKEA Hack Tutorial! :)

Fabrics Pictured:

  • Lotus Full Moon Polka Dots In Lime By Amy Butler
  • Foxy from Anika by Monaluna
  • Woodland Party from Circa 52 by Birch Fabrics

How-To: (re)cover a canvas bin

I was in search of some bins to coordinate with the decor in my daughters room, but everything I was finding were the wrong shades. I saw several patterns to make your own floating around pinterest & various DIY blogs, but I wanted something guaranteed to be sturdy for a 1 year old – to hold toys like blocks.

I was cleaning out closets when I found a couple of canvas bins I had purchased 8 years ago from The Container Store. I was trying to make up my mind about keeping them or not when I realized they were just a canvas cover attached onto the wire frame with VELCRO! And I had an “ah-ha! moment!” – why not replace the covers on these old bins with different fabric?

I tried it. It worked! and it was pretty easy too! I had 2 of them. it took me under an hour each (photos included).

  • Bin frames
  • Fabric
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Cardboard or thin wood for bottom
  • Disappearing ink fabric marker or pencil
  • Bias Tape
  • Piping
  • Ruler
  • Scrap cardboard or paper to trace the frame onto.

Here is how I did it:

  • #1. Remove the canvas cover off the wire frame.
  • #2. Trace the shape of the frame onto scrap cardboard…. I happened to use a pizza box from dinner the night before. True recycling!!! :)
  • #3. Trace the front/back & 2 sides onto the fabric of your choice – allowing a 1/2 inch seam allowance. For the top edge, I recommend a 2″ excess – it needs to fold over the sides for the velcro!

Label Holders:

  • #4. To make the label holders, I cut clear vinyl into 2.5″x3.5″ pieces.
  • #5. Next, I sewed bias tape around the sides.
  • #6. Then I positioned one onto the front piece & one on the side piece of the bin & sewed them into place on 3 sides. (one side stays open to slide a label into).
Assembling the Sides:
  •  #7. Next I took one of the sides, and set the piping in place. I used Wrights Maxi Piping – found with the bias tapes!
  • #8. Then I pinned the back on top (right sides together) and sewed along the edge of the piping.
  • #9. To keep the inside seams “clean” I sewed Wrights Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape to cover the seam.
  • I repeated these steps to assemble all 4 sides of the bin!
The Bottom:
I wanted a study bottom. I chose to use an organic cotton material (Woodland Party from Circa 52 by Birch Fabrics) for the sides – since I had used it elsewhere in my daughters room – but since the bin I was “recycling” actually had a great thick canvas bottom, I decided to just re-use that rather then spending money to buy something similar.

If you are making a bottom from scratch, you need 2 pieces of fabric cut for the bottom and cardboard to go in between the layers to have a sturdy bin!
  • #10. So I used a seam ripper and removed the bottom from the canvas bin I was remaking. It also had a thick cardboard bottom in between the layers so I re-used that was well!
  • #11. Next I pinned the sides to the bottom, then sewed it into place. You can cover this seam with bias tape as well as suggested in step #9.

The Velcro:

  • #12. At this point, I then put the wire frame inside of the bin to find the height the velcro needed to be placed at. I marked the height with pins, then ironed the velcro casing towards the inside.
  • #13. Next I ironed the edge for the inside velcro under 1/4″ and again 1/4″ and stitched a finished edge.
    #14. Then I cut 4 pieces of velcro to fit around the inside of the bin between the corner seams, and pinned/sewed the soft side into place. This stitching is seen on the outside of the bin.
  • #15. Then I used the ‘scratchier’ side and put it in place along the inside edge.
  • #16. Finally, I attached the new canvas bin to the wire frame with the velcro!
    ALL DONE!!!
    Easy, huh? :)


DIY blue & green holiday decor

Pin ItIn keeping up with the delayed holiday postings (like my daughter’s Halloween costumeI posted the week of Christmas) I thought it was about time to post photos of my holiday decor before St. Patricks Day. – But give me credit, I did finally take down the decorations the day before Valentines Day (seeing as I spent most of January in the hospital)! ;)Instead of going with a traditional red & green decor, I thought blue and green would be fun, so I went out in search of holiday decor in these colors! My daughter is a year and a half, so I decided to skip a “real” tree this season since I know her well enough to know a tree in your house would be the best thing EVER to climb!!!

So I found a few alternatives to a traditional tree at HomeGoods:

Glittery branches – $5 (Homegoods)
Metal trees – $7-12/ea (Homegoods)
and a mix of ornaments from Target, Marshalls & the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot

I had a vase which held the branches, and I hung some small ornaments on them to add some color!

The trees were great kid-friendly decor! the smallest one had bells, so my daughter loves to carry it around. :)

I also had a few empty glass jars from the candy buffet at Sophie’s birthday party so I used them to fill with extra ornaments to add some color to the room! With the smaller one, I also added battery-operated LED lights between the bulbs to make it glow. I had another jar full of blue & silver ornaments seen in my last minute d.i.y. gifts from kidspost!Since we didn’t have a tree to put lights on, I decorated the livingroom window instead:
Window from the Inside
My husband hung up the string of lights, then I cut jewelry wire to hang the ornaments with! most of them were tied right to the lights, but I added some depth by hanging some further out – attaching them to the window frame with 3M strips!
Window from the Outside
So, that’s how we decorated for the holidays at our house! :)