organic elephant giveaway – in celebration of Luca’s arrival

As a member of The Artisan Group, I had the opportunity to include one of my elephant softies  in a gift bag for Hilary Duff & her baby boy back in November made with organic fabric sponsored by
Birch Fabrics  from their Mod Basics collection and filled {with love} and bamboo-blend fiberfil!

This week, Hilary sent out this message on Twitter:

“Welcome to the world, Luca Cruz Comrie!  
Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound, 6 ounce beautiful boy.”
So, in celebration of Luca’s arrival, we thought we’d give away an elephant softie identical to the one we gifted Hilary & Luca with in November! He measures 6×9″ and is the perfect pal for your favorite kid!

Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win the elephant above! Giveaway ends at 11:59pm April 1, 2012


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These elephants are available to purchase for $20 at Little Free Radical on Etsy! 
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An Elephant for Hilary Duff

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been a member of The Artisan Group since April 2011. In September, I had the opportunity to send some of my cloth balls, elephants & a stacking ring toy to GBKs Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge before the Emmy’s.

Recently, I had another opportunity to include a product in a gift bag from members of The Artisan Group for actress and singer-songwriter, Hilary Duff, who is expecting a baby boy – due in March! Other members were sending gifts such as jewelry for Hilary, onesies, hats & bibs, so I thought I’d include an elephant from Little Free Radical. :)

I only had 2 weeks to get it completed & shipped, so I had to make a fast decision on what materials I’d like to use… I contacted one of my favorite companies – Birch Fabrics – an awesome organic fabric company – since I knew their storyboek line was a hit with celebs at the GBK Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge –  and they offered to sponsor the elephant for Hilary’s son with materials from their Mod Basics collection – which is scheduled to be released in January!
Of course the hardest part was choosing ONLY 2 fabrics to use!  I showed 2 fellow TAG members, Kassi (owner of Rumour Has It) and Shannon (owner of Sweet Stella’s) – both of whom are moms of little boys – and we decided on the birdie spokes in aqua & abacus in orange! I love how it turned out!!!

Birch Fabrics are 100% organic cottons – treated with love, not pesticides.

And this little elephant is filled with love & environmentally friendly bamboo-blend silky fiberfil.

If you love this elephant, Little Free Radical will be adding to our eco-friendly selection of toys in January when Mod Basics & Commute are released – but keep your eye out for some other new products coming soon – made with Storeyboek – as seen at GBKs Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge!

Celebrity Photos from the Primetime Emmys GBK Gift Lounge

 Q: What do Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz, and Scott Adsit, all have in common?

A: They all love Little Free Radical’s products!

So, here’s the scoop of what went down in Hollywood last weekend!

As I have previously mentioned, Little Free Radical is a member of The Artisan Group – an exclusive juried organization whose members gift their art/products to celebrities at major celebrity events leading up to The Oscars, The Golden Globes, and The Primetime Emmys telecasts

I spent the months of July & August creating toys to send to GBK’s Emmy Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge (photos of what I sent are here).  

My stacking ring toy was featured on display. It is made with 100% organic cotton & filled {with love} and bamboo-blended fiberfill. I also made 100 small cloth ballsthat each celebrity was gifted with:

This is the table featuring various products made by The Artisan Group members.
You can see a short video clip with close-ups here.
The Artisan Group put together an Event Guide with details on each artist participating
that was distributed to members of the press & attendees!

Thursday, September 15th, The Artisan Group attended an industry mixer where our products were displayed to members of the press, set decorators, producers, buyers, bloggers, and stylists!

Then Friday & Saturday,  September 16 & 17 was GBK Productions Celebrity Gift Lounge! And here are a few celebs that loved our products:

Jennifer Carpenter & Julie Benz:

Jennifer Carpenter “is an American actress, known for her portrayal of Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Debra Morgan on Dexter, and the lead role in the 2008 horror movie Quarantine.”

Julie Benz “is an American actress, best known for her roles as Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and as Rita Bennett on Dexter, for which she won the 2006 Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. She starred on the series No Ordinary Family until it was cancelled on May 13, 2011. She will have a main role in the upcoming CBS show A Gifted Man.”

Scott Adsit:
Scott Adsit “is an American actor, writer and improvisational comedian. He is currently co-starring as Pete Hornberger in the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock and worked in the Adult Swim stop-motion animation programs Moral Orel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.”
So, that is the photo summary of The 2011 GBK Productions Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge! Products distributed at the gift lounge will be available for purchase at littlefreeradical on etsy shortly!
*all celeb bios quoted from Wikipedia

Preview: Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gift Lounge Products

Choosing the ‘right’ fabric can be easier said then done! So when I decided to do celebrity gifts for the 63rd Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gifting Lounge, I ended up spending WEEKS trying to decide which fabrics to use for those products! I needed smaller prints that would work well on 4″ balls, and I wanted to get a variety of fabrics from various manufacturers so I found myself spending hours on etsy & manufacturer websites looking at options. I also went fabric shop to fabric shop around Boston looking for the perfect prints. But, after weeks of drooling over fabric, I finally narrowed it down to just a couple:
I knew right off that Alexander Henry‘s 2D Zoo in Chocolate was a MUST HAVE. Anything I’ve made from it has sold quickly in the store… If it’s a customer favorite, then I’m sure the celebrities would love it too, right?
We got a new local fabric shop, Gather Here, in Cambridge a few months back. So I was psyched to find 2D Zoo tiny in their shop since typically I have to order it online and pay for shipping. So I combined 2D Zoo with Amy Butlers  full moon polka dot (in lime and tangerine) for some of the balls!
I was in New York City a few weeks back, since my daughter was modeling for Masala Baby‘s spring line, so I had to stop off at Purl SoHo before heading back to Boston!
The store was awesome, so I had to pick a fabric combo for a few more balls!  I found these awesome Metro Living Dots from Robert Kaufman Prints and knew these were the one! So I paired it with a couple of Kona SolidsI  also needed 10 gifts for the press present at the gifting lounge so I thought I’d alter my elephant pattern (designed by retromama) a bit:

I also love Riley Blake Designs fabrics – I use them frequently in my shop so I had to choose one of their lines to include for the Emmy’s!
XOgigi, one of my favorite etsy shops for fabric got in Alphabet Soup by Zoe Pearn Designs for My Minds Eye/Riley Blake Designs shortly before I needed materials so I ended up choosing this line since they had some great small prints that worked well with the size of the balls, plus they are bright and colorful! It was a fun material to work with! 
I have a few of their other prints  from Alphabet Soup as well! I plan to play with those over the next few weeks So keep your eye out for new Alphabet Soup products in my Etsy shop!

Another favorite fabric line was Cloud 9 Fabric‘s 2010 line: My Happy Nursery! I saw it last year and HAD to have some – even though I wasn’t sure what I “needed” it for – so I bought a bag of scraps with this and and their My Happy Garden collection included. Of course you can only do so much with fabric scraps, so I splurged and bought a few bigger pieces!

My Happy Nursery is part of Cloud 9’s  Premium Collection. It’s silky smooth 100% certified organic cotton. I love Cloud 9’s  environmental commitment:

 Cloud9’s immediate goals are to use only 100% certified organic cotton in the manufacturing of our base cloths and eco-responsible low impact dyes for printing and dying. Cloud9 Fabrics’ organic cotton and goods are imported from the India subcontinent, where they continue to make great strides in the development of eco-friendly fabrics and finishing techniques. Our aim is to work closely with mills who foster the practice of organic cotton farming and eco-responsible print and dye methods.

The prints were the perfect size for small balls, and looked fantastic as elephants too, of course!

Birch Fabrics are 100% organic cottons, or as they say: treated with love not pesticides! Since our products are {handmade with love} it seemed like their materials would be a good fit for us, right?
Their newest line, Storyboek was another MUST-have from the moment I saw it! It was due to be released in July but there was a shipping delay so it didn’t arrive in the US til the first week of August. I was totally stalking Gather Here for it, but the East Coast got it later since it was shipping UPS ground from California, but as usual, Lela at Cedar House Fabrics saved the day and got me some shipped out from Oregon to Boston via priority mail so I could still use it for the Emmy’s! :)
Once Storyboek arrived, I went to work very quickly since it was the last of my fabrics to arrive! I needed 2 more gifts for the media so I thought Storyboek was a great fabric to make whales with so I altered a pattern I got from Happy Sew Lucky to make 2 whales!
And last but not least: my favorite pick: Monaco by Monaluna! I fell in love with it last fall when I first saw it! In fact, I re-did my daughters nursery in it because I loved it that much! (photos here!) I needed one display item and a few more press gifts, so I decided that Monaco was perfect for a couple more elephants and my display!  I also did a few balls out of them too!
Like Cloud 9 & Birch Fabric, Monaluna is also made in India from 100% organic cotton and printed with AZO-free dyes.
For the display piece, I made a stacking ring toy with an altered pattern from patternplay.  Instead of using traditional polyester fiberfill, I used a blend of 50% rayon fiber made from bamboo and 50% premium polyester fiber. I loved working with it, and I loved how the rings felt once they were stuffed! I will be offering this blend in the near future in toys made from organic fabrics for customers looking for more eco-friendly options. :)
Once the balls were completed, I packaged them up and shipped them to California to The Artisan Group who is representing me at GBK’s Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge.
The stacking ring toy will be on display in the gift lounge on Friday September 16th & Saturday September 17th with 25 other artists products, and the balls will be distributed to the 63rd Primetime Emmy’s Nominees.It was a fun project and The Artisan Group was easy to work with! Now stay tuned for photo’s of Little Free Radical’s products at the event!

NOTE: if there is something you see & like here, convo me on etsy or use my custom options to order one! (Products made with organic materials will cost more then standard custom options as these materials are $16+ a yard)