GIVEAWAY: mitochondrial disease awareness week

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Since Invisible Illness Awareness Week was last week (September 12 – 18) and this week is Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week (September 18-24), I thought I would write a post explaining how Mitochondrial Disease affects me personally. So here goes: I’m a 30 year old, living with childhood-onset, mitochondrial myopathy – one of the 42 […]

Sophie’s First Paintings


So, I was on the bus Saturday, running errands when a passenger saw this canvas painting I was holding since I was running to the store to scan it. The passenger complimented me, telling me “what a great job I did.” I immediately told the person that I didn’t make it, my daughter did – and […]

The Story Behind the Little Free Radical


I remember sitting in 10th grade chemistry class, being introduced to the periodic table of elements, and staring at it thinking, “There’s NO way I’m going to remember all of this!” As a 15 year old, spending an hour a day learning about atoms, molecules, and electrons was the last thing I wanted to be […]