My Top 10 Tupperware Products for People with Disabilities


It was the first week of January when  a friend of mine Facebook messaged me asking me if I wanted to hold an online Tupperware party.  I figured, why not… I went to Tupperware’s website, poked around while I was chatting with her, then asked if I could hold a “real” Tupperware party.

You see, I’d never actually been to one. My mother held them every few months when I was a kid – so she could earn all the hostess gifts. She’d invite all her friends from church over, and send my sister and I to bed early and we’d try to eavesdrop from the top of the stairs to see why everyone was laughing and what it was we were missing. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny about looking at pieces of plastic.

We set a date  and I made a Facebook event. I invited my friends and my sister immediately replied something to the effect of: “I already claimed moms Tupperware when she dies, so you’re going to have to buy your own!”  I wasn’t THAT desperate for Tupperware, I just thought I’d throw a party for fun!

I just pictured Tupperware as modular mates  and food storage containers so I only had intentions of buying sippy cups for my daughter since I know I have a hard time dealing with getting lids on containers due to neuromuscular disease & hand muscle weakness.

But as I watched the consultants set up for the party, I was surprised to see that Tupperware was more then just plastic bowls! As soon as they started demoing some of them, I went from planning to buy “just sippy cups” to realizing how many of the products would dramatically improve my ability to prepare food despite my disability. And by the end of my party, I decided to become a Tupperware consultant was because I realized how much some of these products could improve the lives of others with disabilities!

My Top 10 List Tupperware Products for People With Disabilities

NOTE: I’m not a medical professional, just a person living with neuromuscular disease and a spinal cord injury (incomplete, C2) who has tried these first-hand to see what Tupperware products work for me and which don’t. So, whether you have a disability yourself, or are trying to find a gift for someone who is, these are the products I’d most recommend!


Food Prep Tools


1. The Smooth Chopper 

Price: On Sale for $35 this month – ($59 Regularly)

What it does: It can easily chop, blend, whisk and emulsify food  – just by pulling a string! You can chop fruit, veggies, or other foods with the blades attachment, or use the whisk attachment to make smoothies, puree food, make baby food,  creamy beverages or dressings, savory sauces and more!

It’s also compact – great for on the go since it doesn’t require electric! It also comes with a virtually airtight, liquid-tight seal for convenient fridge storage – so you can store your food in the container you prepared it in!

Here’s a video of how it works:

How it helps me: I have a hard time with both gripping a knife while pushing down to cut veggies, so chopping food is tricky. I do have the ability to pull the string to let it chop! It’s also easier for me to use then a blender from  a wheelchair! It’s less awkward since I can use it on my lap, rather then trying to reach across a counter to a plugged in appliance. It’s smaller and easier to handle!
People I think the Smooth Chopper is ideal for: Anyone, really! But it would especially make food prep easy for:

  • A wheelchair user – rather then using electric appliances which may be awkward to reach/use at a kitchen counter
  • Someone with difficulty with fine motor skills  such as individuals with  spinal cord injury (depending on their level), people with neurological or neuromuscular diseases, etc – if they have the ability to get the handle between their fingers & some strength to pull the string.
  • It may also be useful for an elderly person or someone with arthritis (depending on how it affects their hands)
  • It’s awesome if you have a baby with a strict diet or food allergies! You can make baby food from scratch AND on the go
  • Someone who needs pureed food – this works on the go!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


2.  Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef  
Price: On Sale for $29 this month – ($45 Regularly)

What it does: Essentially it’s a smaller version of the Smooth Chopper – without the whisk attachment. The Smooth Chopper has 3 cup/700 mL capacity, the Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef has 1¼-cup/300 mL capacity – It’s much smaller and more portable!

How it helps me: If I’m making something where multiple things need to be cut up, I often use this along with the Smooth Chopper! or if I only need a small amount of something – say parsley – it’s easier to use the smaller container then the Smooth Chopper!

People I think the Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef is ideal for:

  • Same list as the Smooth Chopper (see above), except for the people using it for baby food or puree since this one is smaller without the whisk.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


3. Quick Chef Pro

Price: $69

What it does: The Quick Chef Pro is a  non-electric food processor! It has blades that can can chop food, it has a paddle whisk for mixing and whisking ; a funnel with measurements for making dressings; a small basket to dry fresh herbs or to use as a salad spinner for small salads; an ergonomic cover with   handle; and an airtight and liquid-tight seal for storing.

See it in use here:

How it helps me: I love this because it’s more portable then a large electric food processor! Being in a wheelchair, I have a hard time reaching the counters, let alone inside of a tall kitchen appliance! This has no cord, so I often just put it on the dining room table since it’s lower then my kitchen counters so I can prepare food!

People I think the Quick Chef Pro is ideal for:

  • Wheelchair Users – as long as you have good arm strength to turn the handle! NOTE –  Some people with disabilities affecting their arm strength, or that experience shortness of breath from exertion may find it a bit more difficult to use then the Smooth Chopper.
  • Of course any able-bodied person would love it too!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


4. Can Opener

Price: $35

What it does: It opens a can by cutting along the outside of the can, leaving a smooth edge – rather then cutting around the inside of the lid leaving a sharp edge!

Here’s a video of it in use:

How it helps me: I ordered this product the week I was put on Coumadin (blood thinners) to avoid cutting myself on can lids! 8 months later, I’ve yet to see a sharp spot on any can I’ve opened! Plus, it’s easy to turn and doesn’t require a lot of strength unlike some can openers I’ve tried!

People I think the Can Opener is ideal for:

  • Anyone on Blood Thinners! – no need to worry about the never-ending bleeding cuts using this can opener! It would be the perfect  stocking stuffer for the parent or grandparent on Coumadin who already has everything!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

Food Storage Containers

5. Counterscaping Liquid Container Set

Price: $39

What it does: Instead of a pile of oils & seasonings on your counter, put them in these containers for an organized countertop!

The caps are liquid-tight and best of all, they are easy to open! If you have difficulty screwing/unscrewing lids on your oils, marinades, vinegar and other liquid cooking essentials, all you have to do is press down on the lever and it opens, but locks shut when you’re done! They look fab too!

Set includes one each of:

  • ¾-cup/200 mL Small
  • 2½-cup/600 mL Medium
  • 4¼-cup/1 L Large

See the product video:

How it helps me: I have a couple sets of the Counterscaping Liquid Containers as well as 2 sets of the Counterscaping Dry Seasoning Container Set. That way, as a wheelchair user, I have everything I frequently use in reach when I’m cooking so I don’t have to try and get items from high shelves (glass olive oil jars aren’t ideal object to reach with a grabber)! And at the same time, it keeps my countertops from looking like a pile of clutter!

People I think the Counterscaping Liquid Container Set is ideal for:

  • People with fine motor problems who have trouble getting screw lids on and off.
  • People in wheelchairs – so everything is in reach on the counter!
  • …And of course, anyone with OCD :)

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


6. Fridge Stackables Set

Price: $19

What it does: This is a 3-layer container that you can use to store cheese, sandwich meats, tomato slices, hot dogs & more!!!

How it helps me: I have a hard time with trying to get lids for a lot of containers on. These “snap” together so they are easy to put together and take off… I find myself using them to store things in my fridge other then just meats & cheese!

Additionally, I have a hard time with ziplock bags (unless they have that slider to lock them), so when I get foods from the deli, I’ve had them go bad quickly because I couldn’t re-seal the container. This makes it easy! This $19 purchase has helped me not waste a lot of food! :)

People I think the Fridge Stackables are ideal for:

  • Anyone who has trouble re-sealing ziplock bags from the deli!
  • Anyone looking to store food in a small container that has difficulty with regular lids!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


7. Vent ‘n Serve


What it does: These containers can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave! Their unique venting system allows steam to escape while reheating food in the microwave!

How it helps me: Vent ‘n Serve lids are super easy to get on/off unlike many of Tupperware’s food storage products. I also love them because the lids are the same size for their sets and instead the various sizes are deeper – so I’m not sitting there trying to find the “right” lid every time! And, it reheats my Chinese take-out perfectly every time! yeah!!!

People I think the Vent ‘n Serve containers are ideal for:

  • Anyone who has trouble using the lids on other Tupperware containers. These will be easier for you! :)
  • Anyone who relies on the microwave for meal prep!

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -


Microwave Cooking

The last 3 items are from Tupperware’s line of Microwave Cooking. I spent most of my 20s living in elderly housing (yes, seriously – since that’s where the wheelchair accessible apartments were!) and I can’t tell you how many times a month the fire department responded to fire alarms for elderly or disabled people forgetting food on the stove. We actually had 2 fires in my building as a result.

I also had uncontrolled seizures for 5 years following a traumatic brain injury from a car accident as a teenager, and during that time, I wasn’t allowed to use my own stove or oven unsupervised. My food options were very limited. I wished I knew about some of these products years sooner!


8. Microwave Pasta Maker

Price: $29

What it does: You can prepare perfect pasta in minutes in the microwave with this product! It has a built-in strainer so you can cook, strain & serve out of the same container! It will save you from all the extra dishes as well! :)

Watch how it works here:

9. Smart Steamer

Price: $139

What it does:  Makes the perfect meal, in the microwave! Yes, seriously! I’ve cooked chicken, salmon, veggies & more in mine – meals in 10 minutes!


Breakthrough Technology:
The remarkable Tupperware® SmartSteamer blocks microwaves from cooking foods by directing them to the Water Tray (4), causing the water to boil and the steam to rise for perfectly steamed foods.

The two-tiered system allows for cooking one or two foods at once. Place one food in the Base (3) and the other in the Colander (2) then stack, cover (1) and steam.

Beautiful Design
Elegant design and color make the Tupperware® SmartSteamer suitable for serving directly on the table. Simply discard any remaining water from the Water Tray (4), place the Steamer Base (3) back on the Water Tray (4) and place the Colander (2) on the reversed Cover (1). Always place them on a trivet to protect table surface.
Instead of the microwave heat cooking the food (and often drying it out), the Smart Steamer is designed for the microwave to boil the water located in the bottom layer. The water then steams the food!
See it in action:

Visit for more details!

NOTE: There are also add-on’s to this product – the 9-Pc. Accessory Set for Tupperware® SmartSteamer  ($35) and the Smart Meals Recipe Book ($15)! It’s an expensive investment, but is ideal if you want to host a Tupperware Party – get  it as a 1/2 price item, or use your hostess credits towards it!

People I think the Microwave Pasta Maker & Smart Steamer are ideal for:

  • Anyone with Memory problems including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Brain Injury- If they are allowed to do microwave cooking!
  • Also great for people with Seizure Disorders, Narcolepsy, or on medications which may cause drowsiness preventing them from the safe use of a stove!
  • It’s also a must have for any mom! Easy meal without having to wonder what your kids are up to while you’re busy cooking! :)
  • Also great for college students cooking in a dorm!

If you love these, also check out Tupperware Microwave Rice Maker & Breakfast Maker!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

10: Soup Mug


What it does: Soup mugs are awesome for soups, oatmeal & other hot cereals, ramen noodles & sauces! The CrystalWave® mug has a vent that flips up while cooking and the Vent ‘N Serve® has it’s own vented silicone valve.

How it helps me: In a wheelchair, it’s ALL about the handle!!! I use my Vent ‘N Serve soup mug (that I got FREE for hosting my first party!!!) all the time. Instead of trying to roll around with a hot bowl in my hand, or worrying about spills, while I roll around with hot liquid, I leave the cover on, carry it by the handle and roll to the table easily! I don’t know how I lived without it!

People I think the Soup mugs are ideal for:

  • Wheelchair users – easiest way to transport hot liquids!!!
  • College students in a dorm!
  • Anyone else, literally!!!

And, since soup mugs really ARE ideal for anyone, I’m giving a CrystalWave® Soup Mug away!!! :)

Enter via Rafflecopter:
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If you like what you see, host a Tupperware party to earn it FREE!

If you’re in the Boston-area, I can do a party at your home or workplace! If you’re not local, I can send you catalogs to do a catalog party. 

Or you can set up an online party in just 5 minutes! Here’s how:

  1. Go to my Tupperware webpage:
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  3. Go down to  “HOST AN ONLINE PARTY!” and click “About Online Parties”
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If your online party sales go above $200, you earn  10% of Online Party Sales as an eGift Certificate to purchase Tupperware® products at the Tupperware Shop.

1000 Paper Cranes for Leslie’s Wish

Since a lot of you LOVE D.I.Y projects, I thought I’d involve my readers in a DIY project to help someone else’s wish come true:

Leslie (Whitt) Williams is a 24 year old from Ohio who is quickly losing her battle with mitochondrial disease. I asked her older sister, Megan, to tell us a bit about her:

Leslie is spirited and spunky. When we were growing up she always knew how to make me laugh. She has a fearsome temper, but she is lovable in spite of it. She isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and she has an amazing amount of love and respect for people. All kinds of people, too.

When she was able, she did a lot of volunteer work. She loved working with an organization here in Cincy called Starfire.

She has always been interested in science, medicine specifically. She wanted to be a dietitian. Leslie is also an avid reader. She loves books and she loves movies (romance and romantic comedies). Probably one of her all time favorite activities is shopping. Her and my mom shop all the time. Shoes, bags, jewelry, dresses, you name it. She has a keen eye for fashion and good taste.

Les has been married to her husband, Jeff, for a little over a year now. They are both really into sports. Leslie loves the Cincinnati Reds – they used to go to games together whenever they could.

One of the (many) reasons mito has been so hard on Leslie is she used to be so active. She played every sport you could think of when we were growing up. She loved soccer, softball, and basketball. It’s very hard on her, not being able to move around the way she used to.

Because Leslie’s body cannot properly turn food into the energy needed for organ function due to mitochondrial disease, she now relies on IV nutrition called total parenteral nutrition  or TPN since her digestive tract has shut down. She needs a wheelchair due to muscle weakness, frequent blood transfusions, and is frequently in the hospital for prolonged periods of time. She also has a service dog, named Billy! Read more about Leslie here.
Leslie is rapidly running out of time and has a bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies. Last week, The Dream Foundation granted her wish to see Reba McEntire:

Many of the remaining things on her bucket list include traveling – something that is being coming increasingly difficult for her as her symptoms become more severe. But there is one thing on her bucket list we CAN help with:  Leslie would like to fold 1000 Paper Cranes.

There is an ancient Japanese legend that anyone who folds 1000 origami cranes will be granted a wish, or in some versions of the legend, you get eternal good luck, long life, or recovery from illness.

Of course, Mitochondrial Disease is an energy metabolism disorder, so Leslie has very limited energy and can use our help folding paper cranes!

If you have a few minutes to make a crane for Leslie, grab a square sheet of paper, fold a paper crane, and write/stick/draw/glue some inspirational words, encouragement, positive thoughts, wishes of your own, etc., onto the crane!

I offered her family to use my PO box to collect them, then I’ll be sending them all unopened envelopes to her family on August 30th, so please mail them to me by August 29th and I’ll drop your envelope in the box to her family!

Mail to me at:
Little Free Radical
ATTN: Cranes for Leslie
PO Box 850673
Braintree, MA 02184
Read more about Leslie here.




Here are directions for how to make an origami crane:

Pink & Orange Baby Shower + FREE Printables

The last few days have been busy, planning a surprise baby shower for one of my neighbors!  We have a theatre & club room in our apartment complex, so we reserved it to do the baby shower in there. Though of course theatre’s don’t have the best lighting so sorry about the poor lighting in my photos.

I’m not a big fan of pink pink pink everything for girls, so I thought pink & orange would be fun for a summer baby shower!

We only had a small budget (under $100), so here’s what we did that looked fun & kept the costs of a shower down:

On Thursday, we made marshmallow pops, (See my full tutorial for them here!) They doubled as party favors and table decor! It cost us about $12 to make 25 marshmallow pops!



I made 5 tissue pompoms using 5 packs of tissue paper. It took me about 30 minutes to make 5 pom poms. I highly recommend using premium tissue paper though!  If you buy the “cheap” kind, they get really limp.  Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial if you’re looking for one:


For additional decor, I did printables in photoshop! It took me under an hour to design chalkboard-inspired straw flags, water bottle labels, and candy wrappers! The Mom-to-Be is from Colombia, so since her first language is Spanish, I did printables in Spanish & English!

And since I’m in a sharing mood, I’m uploading the English printables to share with my readers for FREE. (See Terms of Use at the bottom of my blog).

To Make the Water Bottles:

  • For $3.00 I got a case of 24 bottles of water at CVS.
  • Then I made an 11×17 sheet of 8 water bottle labels (2″x9″) and had staples print 3 of them ($2.94 total).
  • I removed the original labels on the bottles of water.
  • Then used a paper cutter to cut them (scissors would work too!) and a roll of scotch tape to attach them to the bottles.
  • Total Cost = $5.94 – Cheap & Easy!
  • CLICK HERE to download the English Water Bottle Labels!

To Make the Candy Wrappers:

  • CVS had bags of Hershey’s Miniatures on sale, 2/$5.00
  • Then I made a sheet of 15 printable custom candy wrappers and had Staples print me 4 sheets of them on Elite Gloss 8.5×11 Paper (.99/page)
  • Then used a paper cutter to cut them (scissors would work too!) and used scotch tape to attach them over the existing labels!
  • Total Cost = $9.96
  • CLICK HERE to download the Candy Wrapper Labels

To Make the Straw Flags:

To add a bit of pink to the table, I (re)used a candy jar I had from another party and filled it with pink gumballs! Another neighbor went and got us some pink & orange balloons, and another neighbor made the cake! I also made a bunting flag banner for decor that can be reused for her girls room later! :)

And instead of doing a traditional diaper cake, I made “diaper cupcakes” using a Newborn diaper, baby socks in the center, and rolling onesies or leggings around them (washcloths would work too!) and placed them inside coffee filters as “cupcake wrappers” :)

Maria was very surprised! And we all had a good time!

















Straw FlagsWater Bottle LabelsCandy Wrappers
Buy your paper stripey straws here!

TERMS OF USE for Little Free Radical’s Baby Shower Printables:

These are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not share, forward or distribute my PDF files.
Feel free to link to my blog for your friends to come download them for themselves!
Please credit if sharing photos of these in use at baby showers.
© 2012  Little Free Radical

DIY: 30 Minute Marshmallow Pops Tutorial

Need a quick treat for a shower or party? Marshmallow pops are cheap, quick & easy!

My friend and I made these this week in about half an hour. We got 25 party favors which doubled as baby shower table decor for $12!

What you need:


First, insert the Paper Stripey Straws into the marshmallows.
Then put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.
By freezing them, the sticks stay ‘stuck’ better, and the melting candies will harden faster!

While they were freezing, I found a box and used a screw driver to poke holes in it so I could stand the pops up as they cooled so they didn’t get a “flat edge” and so I could work quickly before the candy hardened.

Next, melt the melting candies using one of the manufacturers suggestions

Then dip the marshmallows in. If you are using sprinkles or other toppings, immediately put them on before the candy hardens. Then set them in the “box stand” until they harden! If you are using additional melting candies to drizzle, add them once the first color hardens! I used Wilton’s Candy Decorating Bags to drizzle pink on top.

Once they are complete, you can use food-safe bags to cover them for your event!
Wasn’t that easy? :)

Fun with Silhouette Cameo: Luau Themed Bridal Shower

Last fall, when I first became a Pinterest addict, I was browsing  House of Smith’s blog, and fell in love with her photo wall:



Who wouldn’t love that?!? I found her tutorial on Vinyl Decals on Glass in Frames, Photo Wall, and saw that she mentioned the Silhouette. Then I found her Large Address Subway Art for Gallery Photo Wall tutorial.   I had just ordered the decals for Sophie’s Wall shelves when I looked up to see what this “Silhouette” was. As soon as I saw the Silhouette CAMEO Electronic Cutting Tool, I knew right then that I needed one and added it to my mental list of must-haves. I figured if it would pay for itself after a few decals. I’d had the original Cricut Machine about 5 years back, but disliked how expensive the cartridges were each time I wanted to do something new so I ended up selling it on eBay after making a get-well card and a scrapbook.

Silhouette CAMEO Electronic Cutting Tool

So, in March, my friend, Robyn, had asked me to help with her sisters luau-themed bridal shower in June. of course that required a visit to Paper Source! to check out their assortment of paper to start planning a color scheme. And there in the store was the Silhouette CAMEO Electronic Cutting Tool! I was totally psyched to SEE the machine – even more excited when I realized I could use their software with a Mac- an option Cricut didn’t offer!

So, since my Birthday was in April, I convinced my husband to go 50/50 on the Silhouette Cameo with me!  So, I sold a few things on Craigslist, to get my half of the $$$ and my husband paid the other half. :)

I had a few custom orders from my etsy shop that I was trying to finish, so the Silhouette Cameo box sitting there was totally an incentive to finish those big orders! Then I could go hit up Paper Source for Solid Cardstock Paper .

Robyn  wanted to go with bright colors, so we decided on a color-scheme, then we started a shared board on Pinterest so she could show me ideas of what it was she was looking for. She’d pin what she liked, and then I used the Silhouette CAMEO software  to design what it was she was looking for! It was so much better then the limitations I had with the Cricut. I had a blast doing it!

Jenn Frankavitz Photography of Beverly, MA photographed the bridal shower so I’ve got some excellent photos to show of how it turned out:

Sign by 4TheLoveOfHannah on Etsy

The Bridal Shower was on a beach front house in Scituate, MA

The beverage table:

I used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out signs for each beverage container:

The lemonade also got a sign:

I cut paper flowers with my I used the Silhouette CAMEO to attach to ribbons for mason jars.

The Mason Jars were wrapped with ribbon (held on by gluedots – greatest invention EVER!) and pink striped paper straws from my etsy shop – Little Free Radical on Etsy - were placed in each for the lemonade!
A great photograph Jenn Frankavitz Photography took of the straws:

A banner I also made on the Silhouette CAMEO

I decorated the napkin tin and rolled all the utensils for her as well:

I used tissue paper from Paper Source to make tissue paper pom poms:

The Bride-to-Be had a reserved sign for her chair:

Attendees got to write advice for the Bride & Groom and leave it in a bottle to be uncorked on their first anniversary

and Just Mixin Desserts made an amazing cake:
Thanks to Jenn Frankavitz Photography for such awesome photos!

My next Silhouette CAMEO projects will be a baby shower for a friend as well as my daughters birthday party!

I’m hoping to try out decals sometime soon too! :)

Red, White & Blue Cheesecake Filled Strawberries!

Remember the  cheesecake filled strawberries I made with Tupperware back in April for my friend’s going away party?


I thought I’d change them up a bit in celebration of Independence Day:

I made them the same way I did the first ones (click here for my recipe & step-by-step photos), but instead of drizzling chocolate and sprinkling them with graham cracker crumbs, I used blue Wilton Candy Melts & star sprinkles I got from the bakery at Stop & Shop!


It took about 15 minutes, start to finish!
How’s that for an easy treat to bring along to a 4th of July Picnic?

30-Minute Ruffle Bum Diaper Cover Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you the Harlowe Halter Top I made for my daughter. Of course when you make a cute top, you need a good bottom, right? Typically, I’d have paired this with some leggings or jeans, but since it was over 90 degrees, I figured a diaper cover would be fine!


I rarely use those diaper covers that come with most dresses for under 2T – they just end up in a pile. So I figured, why not modify one? I checked my pile of diaper covers and found duplicate white ones from Baby Gap, so I decided to just use one of those!

First, I raided my stash of scraps from the top. I found 3 wide pieces so I cut them to 3″ thick and they were about 24″ wide. Then I ironed the bottom up 1/4 inch, then another 1/4 inch so I could hem it:

once they were hemmed (and the edges hemmed as well) I added a gathering stitch across the top:

Then I gathered the strips to the length I needed.

Next, I pinned the bottom layer to where I wanted it on the back of the diaper cover.

Then I sewed it in place upside down, and then flipped in in the right direction and top stitched.
(This step will hide the rough edge on the ruffle)

Next,I placed the second ruffle about 1 inch above the first, and did the same step for the 2nd ruffle.
Here you can see them facing down with the top stitching:

I did the same again with the 3rd ruffle.
Here it is, pinned in place above the 2nd one:

Then I top stitched, ruffle #3:

and my Ruffle Bum Diaper Cover is all done!

I think it took me about 30 minutes, start to finish to make!

Now we look a lot more ladylike at the park on the slide…

and when sneaking around on the windowsill!

Try it! And if you make your own, be sure to post a link below, or a pic on our facebook page!

DIY: Harlowe Halter Top by Romeo & Mae

I’ve been cleaning out my fabric stash of late, selling what I’m done with since my craft supply closet is badly overflowing (yikes)! Of course, in the process of cleaning out, you find things you forgot you had. One of my exciting finds was a stash from Sandi Henderson’s 2009 Meadowsweet collection. I felt like I had struck GOLD! :)

I set it aside figuring I could figure out something to do with it, since I really liked it when I bought it, then continued sorting through my fabric stash. That was 3 weeks ago.

So, then I found out the other day, that it was going to be in the 90s in Boston this week – which is quite warm for this area of the US. I hadn’t quite gotten around to summer clothes shopping yet for my daughter, so I figured why not make something at least since we only have 1 pair of shorts. So I started poking through my pattern stash, when I found a great little halter top pattern I got last spring from Romeo & Mae last spring! I mostly had Fat Quarters and small scraps of the Meadowsweet collection so I thought I’d give it a try:


It took me under 2 hours  (start to finish) to make this cute little top!  I made the 2T knowing it would be big on Sophie so we can get 2 summers of use out of it!

Here’s how it came out! (I couldn’t pick just one photo, sorry!)

Front View

Back View

Sophie was more then willing to give you an inside view!
I used french stitching in the seams & bias tape between the top & bottom. :)

Close up! I love the ruffle!

It’s perfect to wear with just a diaper cover for toddlers, a pair of shorts, leggings or jeans!

Love the pattern?
It’s $7.50 from Romeo & Mae.
Available in sizes 0/3-12 months18/24 months – 5tGirls 6, 7, 8 & 9/10

Unique, Handcrafted Mobiles by Jenna Bee’s Paper Creations

Today, I’m featuring Jenna of Jenna Bee’s Paper Creations on Etsy!

Jenna is the original designer of these awesome mobiles and was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazines Fall 2011 Buyers Guide, as well as LIL Sugar, Awakened Aesthetic, and Modern Handmade Child.

1. Tell us about yourself:
I like long walks on the beach and holding hands while watching the sunset. Long stemmed roses are beautiful and nothing beats a glass of merlot after a long day of walking my rescue dog and being a role model for orphaned children in my community.

Just kidding.

I am the mother of one little girl who keeps me very busy. I like listening to music and playing sports in my free time. I also write, but that’s a secret.

2. Tell us about your company, why you started your company.
When I was pregnant, I wanted to buy as much handmade stuff as possible for my daughter’s nursery, however, I couldn’t find the exact crib mobile that I was envisioning.  So I decided to create one myself.  The resulting design is what you see on my website. I enjoyed making the mobiles so much that I decided to do it as a hobby and see if people would buy them so that I could continue making them.  As the demand for them increased, it slowly transformed from a hobby into an actual profitable job.

3. Tell us about the products you make and your future plans for your company:
I make baby mobiles in custom and standard sizes.  The mobile has a rather modern look to it and can come in any color under the sun.  My plans for 2012 are that I will be introducing a new design within the next month that will be a very different shape from what I’ve been doing.  And I’m pretty excited about it.

4. What is your favorite product in your shop and why?
Currently my favorite product in the shop is the Somewhere over the Rainbow mobile in size large.  I love the way the colors fade into each other so well in that mobile.  And it makes SUCH a statement in a nursery.  I also really like Tropical and Splash which are two new designs for summer.


5. Tell us about how you manage your time as a work-at-home mom.
I don’t know how I manage my time. I don’t think I do “manage” time. Does any work-from-home mom manage her time? I’m pretty sure you just learn to roll with the punches and do as much as you can, when you can. Typically I do housework and take care of my daughter during the day. It’s usually not until after she goes to bed that I’m able to get much work in.  I spend many nights up until 2am or 3am trying to get everything done.

6. What inspires you?
Nature.  Almost all of my designs are inspired and named after something I saw in nature.

7. When you’re not creating products for your shop, what are your hobbies?
My hobbies are painting, photography, softball, volleyball, reading, and writing.

Jenna is offering one lucky reader a free regular sized mobile from  her shop! Enter via Rafflecopter!

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Our Customer’s Elephant Themed Nursery

Over the past year and a half, I’ve made dozens of custom elephants & other nursery decor for my Etsy customers. After I send my products to the post office, I often wonder where they end up. And every now and then, a customer takes the time to share photos. :)

Today, I got to see where a pair of custom-order elephants I made this spring are now residing! Our customer, Rachel, did an awesome job finding various etsy sellers to make custom accessories for her son’s room!

Thanks, Rachel for sharing your son’s room!
We hope he has a safe & happy entry into the world, and I’m SURE he’ll love his room!

If you love her elephants, we offer them in 2 sizes, as well as with an organic cotton + bamboo blend fiberfill option!

Pink Lemonade and Pretzel Pie

Looking for a great sweet & salty recipe? Try this pink lemonade pie with pretzel crust!



  • 2 cups broken pretzels (approx 4 oz)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup melted butter or margarine


  • 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese
  • 3 boxes instant pudding and pie filling mix – (either white chocolate, cheesecake or vanilla flavor)
  • 1 can (12 oz) frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 2 or 3 drops red food color

Whipped Cream Topping

  • 2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla

    Pretzels in Smooth Chopper

  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar

Recommended Tupperware Products:

Making the Crust:
First, heat oven to 350°F.
Next, using either the Quick Chef or Smooth Chopper, crush your pretzels.
NOTE: I found that the Smooth Chopper took less time then the  Quick Chef to get them finely crushed, though either tool would do. (The Quick Chef is ON SALE for the month of June)!


After the pretzel’s are crushed, place the paddle whisk in the Quick Chef Pro, and mix the sugar with the crushed pretzels.

Tupperware Products Shown: Quick Chef® Pro, Counterscaping Dry Seasoning Container, Measuring Cups

Next, melt your butter, and attach your funnel to the Quick Chef Pro.

Pour your melted butter in  and mix well.

Quick Chef Pro with Funnel.

Next, spread the crust in the bottom of an ungreased  pan or glass baking dish.
Bake it for 5-8 minutes, then let it cool completely.

Making the Whipped Cream:
Since we need some whipped cream for the filling make your whipped cream first!
To do this, you just need your Whip ‘N Prep! Just combine your Whipping Cream, Vanilla & Powdered Sugar, turn the handle til it’s whipped and you have easy homemade whipping cream!
                                                     NOTE: The Whip’N Prep is ON SALE til June 8th!





Making the Lemonade Filling:

First start by softening the cream cheese (microwave on medium for 1 min or til softened).

Once it’s soft, either use the Quick Chef Pro or the Whip ‘N Prep to mix the cream cheese with the pink lemonade concentrate.

Once it’s well-blended, add the pudding packets & red food coloring. Mix until it gets fluffy! Then add 2 cups of whipped cream, mix again and spread it over the crust (once it’s cool).

Then, add the whipped cream on top & spread it. Refrigerate for 2 hours then ENJOY! :)



Adapted for Tupperware from a Betty Crocker Recipe

How To: Make Cheesecake Filled Strawberries with Tupperware!

I was in the grocery store this morning and saw the strawberries were on sale buy one get one free! I have a going away party to attend tonight so I figured I’d get some to bring. I was trying to think of something else to bring with them, but there wasn’t very much “party-worthy” in my cupboards. Though I did find a box of No Bake Jello Cheesecake!At first I thought I’d make strawberry cheesecake. Then I remembered having seen people on pinterest pinning cheesecake-filled strawberries and thought, “hmmm I could fill the strawberries with the cheesecake!” I looked to see how they did it. People mentioned filling them with cheesecake mix with a spoon… but I had a better idea!Here’s how I did it in under 20 minutes start to finish:

First I used a paring knife to cut the tops of the strawberries off, and then cut the middles out. This was the step that took the longest (10 minutes for 2lbs of strawberries).*

*NOTE It may have taken me a bit longer then it will take you since I do have neuromuscular disease & I’m on coumadin (blood thinner) so I cut slow plus didn’t want to bleed all over the food. ;)

When I’m not busy creating stuff for my etsy shop, or working on D.I.Y. Projects for my daughter, I also sell Tupperware! It’s not your grandmothers Tupperware though.

They have some fabulous new stuff including the Whip ’N Prep™ Chef and my latest favorite gadget, the Squeeze It™ Decorator!!! I used both of these items to make it quick and easy!

I used the Tupperware Whip ‘N Prep™ Chef  to mix the Jello NoBake cheesecake mix. Took me under a minute to mix it!

Next I poured the cheesecake mix into the Squeeze It™ Decorator. It took me under 2 minutes to fill all the strawberries with this! it would have taken far longer by spoon and been far messier!

The other advantage to the Squeeze It™ Decorator over a spoon is it comes out looking fantastic! It comes with 5 tips (fine threads, closed star, open star, shell and filler) and I used the open star.

NOTE: Squeeze It™ Decorator is on sale til April 27th for $14 – regularly $23.50!

Next, I sprinkled the graham cracker crumbs on top that came in the box.

NOTE: If I didn’t have a boxed mix, I could have used my favorite Tupperware gadgets – Chop ’N Prep™ Chef or Smooth Chopper – to make the same mixture quickly from graham crackers!

Finally, I drizzled  chocolate on the top! You can do this with the Squeeze It™ Decorator fine threads tip! :)

It’s in the fridge cooling before the party in an hour! With just 20 minutes of time and a few awesome gadgets to make it quick and easy, I have a great treat!!!

Now I’m just sad to go say goodbye to my friend, who is moving to Brazil on Tuesday. :'(