Today, I want to introduce you to another Etsy seller, Megan, of Rain Drops Photography Props!

1. Tell us about yourself:
I’m crazy! I’m absolutely crazy and weird and love animals way too much! I’m a part time vegan, I say part time because I have a weakness for chocolate. I love red wine but it makes me sleepy. I love the color pink. And if I were to choose a career outside of the knitting world I would want to be a mad scientist discovering (natural) medical cures.

2. Tell us about your company, why you started your company.
I started my Rain Drops back when I was about 3 months pregnant when I booked my newborn photo shoot for my daughter, Essence, and I was researching different props. I couldn’t choose just one so I decided to put my knitting skills my grandmothers taught me to use, and sure enough friends wanted to purchase the hats I had made and it progressed from there.

3. Tell us about the products you make and your future plans for your company:
My products are made from high quality yarn, I love alpaca, Bamboo , merino and handspun yarn from etsy vendors. I have many plans for the next year but they are a secret so you will have to follow my Facebook page to get the dirt ;)

4. What is your favorite product in your shop and why?
My favorite product is my lion hat, just because it is the most fun to make.

I love my elephant hat too but I swear way to much when I’m making it but that’s the perfectionist coming out.


5. Tell us about how you manage your time as a work-at-home mom.

I’m terrible at managing my time, I’m always scrambling for a grandparent or the husband to watch Essence when I need to get orders out. But I do try to get up 2 hrs before Essence wakes up and I’ll put another 2 hrs of work in after she’s gone to bed.

6. What inspires you?
Makeup! Haha besides yarn my other addiction is makeup. When I see a cool eye shadow combo I’ll think” hey that would make a great looking hat”

7. When you’re not creating products for your shop, what are your hobbies?

I had many hobbies before I had a baby and business but now that are both quite time consuming. I love to cook, exercise, entertain guests, host huge bbqs and have bonfires on the beach, hike, rollerblade, play piano, and color in Disney coloring books (very therapeutic)

Megan is offering one lucky reader a $25 gift certificate to her etsy shop! Enter via Rafflecopter!

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