DIY: creative ways to hang art

For National Crafts Month DIY projects #9 & #10, I thought I’d show two easy ways to display art! I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of having random pieces of artwork left unframed for prolonged periods of time, right? 

DIY #9: Hanging Art With Clothespins

A few months back, I had gotten these Vintage Alphabet Wall Cards by Children Inspire Design for Sophie on either Zulily or The Mini Social, but of course I had to figure out how I was going to hang them!

I thought of getting 26 frames, but re-thought through that idea after the idea of having to hang 26 frames and therefore poking 26 holes in the wall. so I considered using them around the room at the top of the walls with adhesive poster strips. Except that, I’m in a wheelchair so I’d therefore have to convince someone else to go up on a ladder to hang them…

So when cleaning out my art supplies I found the twine & mini clothespins that I used to hang Sophie’s Birthday Banner, and it occurred to me, I could get more mini-clothespins to hang up these!

I found larger mini-clothespins at Michaels, and decided to paint them pink! So, I spent an hour one night painting clothespins!

PAINTING TIP: I clipped them to a piece of cardboard first, so I could hold the cardboard and paint the entire clothespin at once, rather then having to do one side at a time - I actually used the cardboard envelope the alphabet came in! :)

To hang them was definitely a 2-person job! We measured out exactly where we wanted them, then put 6 nails up.

We tried a row of hanging them on the twine before putting them on the wall but it was trickier since they weighed down the twine. So instead we hung the twine, wrapped it tightly around the nails at each end (see photo), then started in the center hanging the alphabet and working out to keep the weight well distributed!

 In the end, we had an alphabet hung with only 6 holes in the wall instead of 26! And all I needed was less then $6 for clothes pins (of course they came in 24 packs, so we had to buy 2 bags), leftover paint from another project, and leftover twine from her birthday party!

Thanks to my friend, Dawn, for helping me hang these! :)

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DIY #10: Painting Your Own Frame

I received this custom painting as a gift when my daughter was born, only I had no frame or way to hang it. It was on an 11×14 canvas, so it got shifted throughout the room multiple times leaning against the wall or the window. I had looked for a frame multiple times, but all the frames in kid-friendly colors at places like Target or Home Goods were always for 8×10, not 11×14 and I really didn’t want to frame it in white or black or silver – the typical non-custom framing options at places like Michael’s or AC Moore.
Source: via Little Free Radical on Pinterest

Finally, I was in Joann Fabrics a week ago, and saw their frames were 50% off… but again, the color choices were black, white, bronze, or silver… So I found this cheap black frame. Regularly $10.99, on sale for $5.49. 

So I thought…. why not PAINT it a color I already have in Sophie’s room? So I pulled out the Hibiscus Pink I’d used on her table and toybox, and gave the frame 2 coats of paint and it was done!

It took me about 10 minutes of painting time, 2 minutes to frame once the paint dried, 1 minute to hang, and I was done!

So for $5.49 + leftover paint + less then 15 minutes of my time, I had my own custom frame!!!

For another idea of displaying art in a child’s room, see  my LÄTT children’s table & chairs makeover – I used the table as an 18×24 frame!

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