DIY IKEA hack: PRÄNT box makeover

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When I saw the PRÄNT box on IKEAs website for the first time, I was totally psyched! So, when I went to my local store to get a couple, I found out that everyone else was also psyched about them especially since they were only $12.99…. and there was only one left for me. :(

So, after a couple weeks of patiently waiting, they got more in stock, and I finally got my pair of boxes. BUT, the good news is that in the meantime, it gave me plenty of time to contemplate what i wanted to do with them! Unfinished wood boxes are totally like being handed a blank canvas – you can do whatever you want!

I totally knew I needed some of these birch tree decals from Wall Vinyl Art! She has an Etsy shop as well, so I was able to get them resized as a custom order for a perfect fit on the boxes!
I got them made in white matte finish and had her reverse one of them so that I could make 2 boxes with the patterns facing each other….
I knew I wanted just a small amount of color added to them so I poked around looking for other decals that would add a bit of color… when I found these fantastic little foxes from artwallproject  on etsy! 
I messaged them, and they were able to re-size the fox for me as well to be proportional with the trees!!! I was totally stalking my tracking number waiting for my decals to arrive!  

But in the meantime, I worked on getting the boxes painted and ready! I decided to go with a solid grey front with grey/white stripes around the sides & back. to do the stripes, I first painted the boxes white, then used regular painters tape  to tape off some stripes and added the grey!

Assembling was easier said then done. but IKEA products can randomly be tricky like that. I followed their instructions but I suspect the paint made the wood swell a little (unless these boxes are always tricky to assemble). But I figured out, they assemble easier if you use WD-40 down the sides of the metal part you hammer down… it went in like a breeze with that!

So by the time the decals arrived, the boxes were painted and waiting. :)
I just followed the manufacturer instructions for application, and here’s how they turned out:

Check back later this week to see how we used the boxes! :)