I’m in the middle of turning Sophie’s room from a “nursery” into a toddler room.  So I spent November sorting out “baby” stuff to make room for toddler-type activities & furniture. I spent weeks looking through various websites at kids table & chairs, trying to find the perfect set for Sophie for x-mas. Everywhere I looked, I’d be spending an easy $100-200 (sometimes more) for products I liked.

The Table & Chairs:
Just when I was about to give up on the idea of an activity table for Sophie’s room, I noticed IKEA had this LÄTT children’s table & chairs set for only $19.99.

It totally wasn’t my style and the colors in her room were totally different then pine/white, but the size was perfect for her small apartment bedroom,  so I went ahead and spent the $20, unsure of exactly what I would be doing with it… but I knew I’d figure it out once I had it. :)

The Artwork

I’m a big fan of sites like Zulily & The Mini Social. I love getting their daily emails with new products. I figured I’d watch for a few days and see if I got any ideas on what to do with this set as well as look for other ideas for a toddler room. I didn’t find any table inspiration, but I did keep seeing sales for Children Inspire Design’s prints. I had Zulily credit, and immediately fell in love with their My Roots Collection when I saw it! My husband is from India, and I was born and raised in the United States – with roots on my fathers side back to Richard Warren on the Mayflower in 1620. How perfect could it be to incorporate a world map into her room? So naturally I had to work this in somehow.

Fabric & Paint

I spent much of November shopping around for ideas. I hit up Lowes and bought a bunch of random Valspar paint samples in colors I loved too.

A few days later, I was poking around at fabric and Birch Fabric’s Circa 52 collection caught my eye! It was designed by Monaluna – who designed the other fabric collection I had used in Sophie’s room. It was about to be released so I figured I’d buy some and work it into her room, somehow!

I painted the pine Hibiscus Pink on Sophie’s LÄTT table in December… and was still trying to make up my mind about exactly what to do for the white tabletop insert…

I thought I’d measure the tabletop when I was considering using wall paper or wrapping paper to cover it… and I realized, it was approximately 18×24 – the same size as my world map that I had been trying to find the perfect frame for – the “Aha Moment!”

Materials I Used:

  •  LÄTT children’s table & chairs set distributed by IKEA – for $19.99 USD
  • Artwork: World Map from Children Inspire Design’s “My Roots” Collection (regularly $50 – can often be found on Zulily & The Mini Social much cheaper)!
  • Samples of Valspar Paint: Hibiscus Pink & Urban Pulse – available at Lowes for $3
  • Half Yard of Woodland Party Fabric from Birch Fabrics “Circa 52″ Collection designed by Monaluna
  • 18×24″ Plexiglass – available at Lowes for $8
  • 1). Artwork: World Map from Children Inspire Design’s “My Roots” Collection
    2-3). Valspar Paint: Hibiscus Pink & Urban Pulse – available at Lowes
    4). Unfinished Table & Chairs: LATT available for $20 at IKEA
    5). Fabric: Woodland Party from Birch Fabrics “Circa 52″ Collection by Monaluna

How I Made It:

The Table
I got the map out of the tube it mailed it and thought it looked decent with the Hibiscus Pink paint I had already painted the table… So, I sent my husband on an errand to Staples to laminate the map!

Assembling the table with the map was definitely a 2-person task!  In order to fit the map in the slots intended for the tabletop (as shown in IKEAs assembly instructions), we had to trim it slightly for a perfect fit. then we used clear packing tape along the edges to attach it to the white table top (we tried without but it kept slipping out). The white table top slides inside of the sides/legs of the table (see instructions). it’s a very tight fit with the added thickness of a laminated piece of art. But it canbe done! It took us about an hour but in the end, the table looked awesome:

In order to protect the map & make it last, I made a trip to Lowes to get a piece of plexiglass cut to lay into the table. It cost $7.95 for an 18×24″ piece (medium weight), so I had the guy trim 3/4″ off each side to “fit it” into the table. at home I cut small squares out of the corners for a perfect fit!

The Chairs
Next, I painted the chairs with Urban Pulse Valspar paint (which I’m also using for other things in her room). Deciding on which fabric to use was the hardest part, but I finally decided on Woodlawn Party from Birch Fabric’s Circa 52 collection. Ironically, I bought the Valspar paint before I saw the fabric, but the color match was perfect! :)

So I cut 2- 12×12″ squares of fabric, and then got 1/2″ foam and cut it to fit the seat size. I used glue dots to keep the foam on the seat while I stretched the fabric over the foam, then taped it onto the bottom of the chair using clear packing tape. Then, I assembled 2 sizes of the chair (instead of 3, as shown in IKEAs assembly instructions), popped the padded seat in the center and screwed the other half of the chair to the first half.

Alternative Hack Ideas:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Wallpaper
  • Fabric Table Top
  • Any 18×24″ art work