An Elephant for Hilary Duff

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been a member of The Artisan Group since April 2011. In September, I had the opportunity to send some of my cloth balls, elephants & a stacking ring toy to GBKs Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge before the Emmy’s.

Recently, I had another opportunity to include a product in a gift bag from members of The Artisan Group for actress and singer-songwriter, Hilary Duff, who is expecting a baby boy – due in March! Other members were sending gifts such as jewelry for Hilary, onesies, hats & bibs, so I thought I’d include an elephant from Little Free Radical. :)

I only had 2 weeks to get it completed & shipped, so I had to make a fast decision on what materials I’d like to use… I contacted one of my favorite companies – Birch Fabrics – an awesome organic fabric company – since I knew their storyboek line was a hit with celebs at the GBK Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge –  and they offered to sponsor the elephant for Hilary’s son with materials from their Mod Basics collection – which is scheduled to be released in January!
Of course the hardest part was choosing ONLY 2 fabrics to use!  I showed 2 fellow TAG members, Kassi (owner of Rumour Has It) and Shannon (owner of Sweet Stella’s) – both of whom are moms of little boys – and we decided on the birdie spokes in aqua & abacus in orange! I love how it turned out!!!

Birch Fabrics are 100% organic cottons – treated with love, not pesticides.

And this little elephant is filled with love & environmentally friendly bamboo-blend silky fiberfil.

If you love this elephant, Little Free Radical will be adding to our eco-friendly selection of toys in January when Mod Basics & Commute are released – but keep your eye out for some other new products coming soon – made with Storeyboek – as seen at GBKs Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge!


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    Love it! The colors & patterns turned out great together. I am sure Hillary will love too. I too would have had a very hard time narrowing it down to only two choices.